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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Top Pimento Cheese Dishes in Columbus, Georgia

Two of my favorite words are "comfort" and "food." When you put the two together it’s magic, just like the simple blend of cheese, mayonnaise and sweet peppers known across the South as pimento cheese. Columbus, Georgia knows how to make the South proud with many of the restaurants offering dishes incorporating this southern delicacy into their menu. 

Get ready to drool! Listed below are the top restaurants in Columbus, Georgia that offer mouth watering pimento cheese dishes.

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The Black Cow 

 photo credit: The Black Cow 

Known for its Bacon Pimento Cheese Burger topped with jalapeno jelly, The Black Cow brings a laid-back rustic southern charm to Uptown Columbus.


Smoke Bourbon & BBQ

 photo credit: Smoke Bourbon & BBQ

Pimento Cheese Wontons served with house made jalapeno bacon dipping sauce. 

The “Hot Mess” Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese with jalapeno jelly on grilled sourdough and brisket for extra flavor. 

 photo credit: Ray Herras 


Plucked Up Chicken and Biscuits

 photo credit: @amazemel

Get plucked up on this biscuit sandwhich called "The Chelsea."  It has the restaurants well talked about biscuits and fried chicken with bacon, jalepeno jelly, and ofcourse pimento cheese. 

The Cannon Brew Pub 

 photo credit: The Cannon Brew Pub 

Start your meal off right with Mrs. Barbara’s Pimento Cheese served with tomato jam and house-made sea salt and black pepper crackers. 

 If you’re wanting a juicy burger the Pimento Cheese Burger with tomato jam served on top turns your classic burger into a Southern piece of art. 


Midtown Coffe House

 photo credit: Midtown Coffee House 

Simply southern but oh so delicous! This coffee house serves a "Pimena" Cheese Sandwhich with Georgia's own Wicked Moon Pimena Cheese and Italian Bread. Or if you are in the mood for someting lighter try their "Pimena" Cheese served with pita chips and sliced cucumbers. 


11th and Bay Southern Table 

   photo credit: 11th and Bay Southern Table 

Put a twist on your classic Caprese Salad and indulge in the Southern Caprese. Consisting of grilled green tomatoes, house made fried pimento cheese, basil peach jam, crème fraiche, and sriracha your taste buds will come alive. 

Bare Roots Farmacy 

 photo credit: Bare Roots Farmacy 

This farm to table restaurant plays a leading role in the food culture of Columbus, with fresh organic food fueling your body and mind. Their Pimento Cheese Burger is made with grass fed beef, topped with house made pimento cheese and nitrate free bacon or turkey bacon on a multigrain bun. 

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